• We promote success in the fields of personal development and communication skills. We add value to the lives and careers of individuals and organisations, so they can tap into their professional power with authentic confidence, and achieve their highest aspirations.

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    • We provide in-house training for companies, public courses for business people, and private coaching for the busy executive. The programs we offer are modulated and custom-crafted to suit the specific needs of the business or the individual.
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    • This is what our clients say

    • “Chantaul is competent and knowledgeable in her fields of specialisation, but more importantly, is highly passionate about her material.”

      “My staff was SOOOOO impressed with this course. Thanks a million!”

      “We have found the training to be of an excellent standard and very beneficial to the employees.”

      “Chantaul’s personal investment lends credibility, energy and a sense of fun to her workshops and seminars, creating an environment that encourages participation and enhances buy-in to the outcomes.”

      “Customer Service Training – Triton are very impressed with you. It’s re-assuring to know that my client’s learners are in good hands.”

      “Delegates commented on how motivational and inspirational they found you. I know this is an area in which you like to focus – clearly you have got it right!”

      “Chantaul is an astute professional with a natural ability to transform the minds of people through her exciting engagement.”

      “Few training courses are able to achieve such a profoundly positive re-orientation, and this is a lasting endowment.”

      “We treasure our relationship with Chantaul and would recommend her services anywhere in the world.”

      “We need to see ourselves as others see us; we need them to see us as often and effectively as possible. Chantaul’s experienced eye and her inspiring course will help you plan and maximise the opportunities to present your brand with confidence. She will help you see yourself as others see you.

      Chantaul will help you to hone the skills you need to present yourself and your business effectively.”

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    • Expressions - Training, Facilitation, Keynote Speaking