• Expressions on Periscope

    14/06/2016 | Chantaul
  • Chantaul Jordan on Periscope

  • Hi, I'm Chantaul. Thank you for joining me on Periscope.

    This is a new and exciting journey for me, and I'm thankful to you for being a part of it. 

    I'm passionate about personal development and self-mastery, and I've been a communications skills trainer for 20 years. And now, with the help of Periscope, I can connect and engage with you directly to share easy, practical ways of how we can communicate more effectively, with authenticity, purpose and equanimity.

  • For more about me and Expressions, see the about page. And if you would like to stay informed of new developments, The Monthly Expressions will do just that. So be sure to sign up.

    See you on Sunday!

    Wishing you joy, health, wealth and wisdom.

    Chantaul Jordan
    Personal development enthusiast

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