• Upgrade Your Presentation

    Chantaul Jordan

  • Searching for an online presentation skills coach to help you grow as a business leader?


  • Chantaul offers practical techniques that will have an immediate impact on the effectiveness of your presentations. Enjoy an authentic confidence, so you can tap into your professional power.

    Good communication at all levels of management is essential for the success of any organisation because the higher the level of management, the greater the need for effective and compelling communication.

    With Skype or Hangouts, and a quiet room in your home or office, you can have an assessment and suggestions that will help you make dynamic presentations that will enthrall and win audiences.

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  • Is this for you?

    Do you:

    • facilitate or participate in strategic meetings?
    • 'speak' to convince and persuade the ‘audience’?
    • handle projects or tasks and need to 'call for action'?
    • chair or present at monthly, quarterly, or annual business reviews?
    • train, or demonstrate, to uplift skills?
    • brainstorm ideas and facilitate thinking out the box?
    • want to be an influential inspirational speaker who is impactful?

    Are you:

    • involved with department or general company meetings?
    • an expert in your field and audiences need to hear your message?
    • a change catalyst and called on to make a difference?


  • How will you benefit?

    Some of the benefits include;

    • Superior quality presentations
    • Have higher levels of confidence and increased poise
    • Gain the ability to use the leverage technique
    • Enjoy an enhanced professional image and credibility
    • Improve your persuasive power and business success
    • Have a more relaxed, enthusiastic communication style
    • Improve self-awareness and see personal growth 

    Using a coach is a great way to polish up your presentation skills. An added advantage of working with Chantaul, is you will gain the skill to evaluate your own presentations. You don't have to be reliant on a coach anymore. With this attitude of continued learning you can coach yourself. Your communication style can evolve and grow with your business. You will learn to make dynamic presentations that will enthrall and win audiences.  

  • Your Coach: Chantaul Jordan

  • "I look forward to being part of your exciting new venture, for you to not only gain new skills but also to encourage your own personal mastery, as you add value to you and your business." - Chantaul Jordan

  • Chantaul Jordan is a professional in the field of communication training and emotional intelligence. With 20 years experience, she passionately shares her expertise, providing guidance and practical strategies to assist you achieve the results you wish for yourself or your team.

    She runs public courses, in-house training for many leading Companies across the business spectrum, and enjoys one-on-one coaching with individuals dedicated to self improvement.

    Chantaul inspires gaining wisdom, by practically applying knowledge, so that there is a deep “knowing” as opposed to the mere study of theoretical concepts.

    Her personal credo is: self-development and making a positive difference in others, enabling them to make a positive difference in their world... 

           ...a personal development enthusiast!

  • Fill out the form below to Upgrade Your Presentation

  • Fill out the form below to Upgrade Your Presentation