About Chantaul Jordan

Chantaul is a professional in the field of communication training and personal development, with 20 years of experience.

She is based in Durban from where she travels internationally, conducting training and delivering inspirational presentations to many leading companies across the business spectrum. She runs public and in-house courses and enjoys one-on-one coaching.

Chantaul provides education and inspiration in communication and personal development, to organisations expecting new levels of breakthrough performance. She inspires gaining wisdom, by practically applying knowledge, so that there is a deep “knowing” as opposed to the mere study of theoretical concepts.

Chantaul passionately shares her expertise, providing guidance and practical strategies to assist you to achieve the results you wish for yourselves, your teams and your organisations.

Her personal credo is self-development and making a positive difference in others, enabling them to make a positive difference in their world...

...a personal development enthusiast!

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Find out more about Chantaul's inspirational keynotes here: Inspire Transformation

Chantaul's current positions include:

  • Principal of Expressions (training consultancy)
  • Facilitator of Mastermind for Speakers
  • Past President of the PSASA (Professional Speakers Association of SA, KZN)
  • Past Chairman of EXAS (Executive Association of South Africa)
  • Honorary member of KZN Women in Business
  • Founder member of PSASA, KZN