• Action Success is a 2-day workshop focused on the meaning and importance of emotional intelligence (EQ), and how to employ your emotions to achieve your desired results, not only in the workplace, but in all areas of your life. 
    Emotional intelligence includes self-awareness and impulse control, being passionately persistent, motivated, empathetic and socially skillful.

    Do you:
    • know what drives you and what you are passionate about?
    • manage your emotions, especially in stressful situations?
    • direct the power of your emotions towards a purpose that motivates and inspires yourself and others?
    • make a connection with people and are you attuned to your colleagues, staff or customers' needs and responses?
    • have heightened social skills to interact with people successfully and to continuously become a better communicator and collaborator?
    In this information age, there is no lack of finding out how to do just about anything. However, negative emotions can stand in the way of applying this information to achieve your desired results. With self-awareness, and easy, simple and effective techniques to utilize your emotions, you can learn to apply your knowledge, because only applied knowledge is power.

    If you harness your emotions wisely, you enhance you performance and your ability to manage yourself and others. Therefore, you contribute to a more effective team, and a more productive business!
  • Quick self-evaluation;

    • Is there stress and tension in your working environment?

    • Is there conflict in your team?

    • Are targets being achieved?

    • Do you have negative beliefs and habits that limit your potential?

    • Are you still as motivated as when you started in this position?

    • Are all the areas in your life as fulfilling as you would like them to be?

    • Would you or your teams like to increase your purpose and passion?

  • This 2-day intervention will assist and enhance 
    Leadership, Cultural Diversity and Team Building.

  • The benefits for staff who attend this intervention are;

    • Enhanced self-awareness and confidence, and visible personal growth
    • Being more effective, adaptable and innovative in stressful situations
    • Responding more favourably to the needs of self, others and the organisation
    • Improved self-motivation - especially with accepting change and being more flexible
    • A more relaxed, empathetic communication style
    • The ability to understand and relate better to different people
    • Improved relationships and an uplifting working environment
    • Fewer conflict situations and reduced stress
    • A more positive attitude, professional image and credibility
    • Increased performance, productivity and business success
  • Methodology

    We run our workshops in a flexible, informal and participative manner.
    You will learn practical techniques that will have
    an immediate impact on your effectiveness.

    Modules are flexible and can be customized to suit specific requirements
    to ensure maximum effectiveness of this presentation skills program.

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  • Harness the power of your emotions and
    boost your performance and productivity.

    Your investment includes: 
    * Manuals, conferencing fees, teas and lunch
    * Facilitating and coaching with respect to your individual requirements
    * Post-training follow-up call (or Skype)

    Due to the personalized attention given to each delegate, space is limited.

    If you book for more than one delegate, you qualify for a group special.

    Group booking