Training Programs

Our training programs are modulated and custom-crafted to be presented as Inspirational Talks, Seminars or Personalised Development Programs to suit the specific needs of the business or the individual.

Areas of Training and Development Include:

  • Communication Skills
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Stress Relief
  • Personal Development
  • Corporate effectiveness
  • Team Dynamics

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Communication Skills

Master Your Elevator Pitch

Make your business introduction relevant and compelling.

This is a 1-day practical workshop.

You will craft a 'One-minute Elevator Speech' and a 'Five-minute Company Profile' designed to intrigue and impress, which is consistent yet flexible enough to customize depending on your situation.

Master My Pitch

SpeechMaster Business Presentation Skills

Communicate your knowledge across effectively

This is a 2-day training program.

SpeechMaster is a 2-day business presentation skills program that will allow you to enthral and win audiences with dynamic presentations and authentic confidence. Learn effective techniques to use, or not use, visual aids to achieve the objective of the presentation.

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Personal Development Programs

Action Success - Enhanced Emotional Intelligence

Overcome negativity
Strengthen relationships
Stay inspired

This is a 2-day intervention.

This 2-day intervention highlights the importance and expands your understanding of Emotional Intelligence, and how to integrate your enhanced EQ in the workplace and all areas of your life. This program will enhance Leadership, Cultural Diversity, and Team Building.

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Time Out Stress Relief

Practical Techniques that prevent negative stress

1, 2 or 3-Day Retreat.

Time-Out is a deliberate intervention that releases stress, breaking the cycle, and teaches practical techniques that will prevent negative stress rebuilding. Don't suffer burn-out, rather do Time-Out!

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Corporate Effectiveness Programs

Personal Mastery and Creativity

Personal Mastery Creativity

Live a life based on your view of and commitment to a future of your own making.

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Corporate Time-Out

Time Out Stress Relief

Corporate Time-Out Retreats are deliberate stress relief interventions for the company designed to release stress, break the cycle, and impart practical techniques that will prevent negative stress rebuilding.

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Team Dynamics

Team Building

Contact us to find out about our new effective and fun team building options.

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