• Time-Out is a deliberate intervention that releases stress, breaking the cycle, and teaches practical techniques that will prevent negative stress rebuilding.

    Positive stress on our bodies and minds make us feel challenged, excited and motivated. However, negative stress adversely affects our performance and productivity which lowers our sense of empowerment and peace.

  • Don’t suffer burn-out; rather do Time Out!

  • Quick self evaluation;

    • Are you feeling overwhelmed with "too much on your plate"?

    • Has your life taken an unexpected turn recently?

    • Has your eating, sleeping, health changed the last 6 months?

    • Are you battling to snap out of negative attitudes and 'bounce back'?

    • Have you developed bad habits 'to cope' that drain your energy?

    • Has your productivity dropped or your relationships been breaking down?

  • The Objectives:

    • Identify what triggers your stress and how to manage and overcome those triggers.

    • Enhance your performance by improving your Emotional Intelligence.

    • Learn quick and easy coping techniques.

    • Practice self­ care and release locked ­in tension.

    • To stay cool, calm and collected when the pressure is overwhelming and stress threatens your effectiveness.

  • Let us custom craft an intervention specially for you,
    as an in-house workshop or a retreat.

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    revitalise, reconnect and transform your team.

  • Don’t live with the ever-growing levels of stress. Do something about it now!

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  • The benefits of Time-Out are:

    • A composed, organised and optimistic outlook

    • The ability to achieve your personal best in stressful situations

    • A feeling of energy, enthusiasm and excitement

    • A balanced mental, emotional, physical and spiritual body

    • The enjoyment of a purposeful and relaxed quality of life.

    • Deep relaxation in your day-to-day life, without making dramatic changes to your lifestyle

  • Manage stressors.
    Re-balance your life.
    Relieve and prevent stress.
    Relax and live with purpose and joy.
    Rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

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