SpeechMaster Business Presentation Skills


SpeechMaster is a 2-day business presentation skills program focused on enhancing the quality of your presentations. 

If you are a working professional, then you are required to communicate your knowledge across effectively, regardless of your position.

Is SpeechMaster for you?

  • Do you communicate with confidence and power?
  • Are you coming across with an authentic and credible presence?
  • Do you use your visual aids effectively to maximize your presentations?
  • Do you get the most out of your question and answer sessions?

This Business Presentation Skills Program includes:

  • Preparing by analysing your audience - Know who you are speaking to and how to appeal to their interests.
  • Constructing your presentation - Prepare and organize the information to ensure a logical flow that will best hold your audience's attention.
  • Using body language powerfully - Discover what messages you are subconsciously sending. Explore body language and how to best utilize it, at the same time reading the true meaning behind what others are saying.
  • Using your voice effectively - Vocal variety will spice up your presentations.
  • Portraying a credible professional image - Are you 'packaged' for success?
  • Utilise visual aids successfully - Determine which visual aids are most effective for your audience and the type of presentation. Use them properly to ensure that your presentation shines.
  • Persuasive sales presentations – Competition in your field demands a polished presentation.
  • Projecting a positive and professional attitude - There are no second chances at a first impression.
  • Dynamic motivational presentations – If you can't motivate yourself, you won't motivate others. Learn tips to be a persuasive speaker.
  • Managing difficult audiences - Ensure your presentation style is not compromised when you are handling stressful situations or challenging individuals. Learn to be “calm, cool and collected” at all times. Practise equanimity.
  • Handling questions and answers in a challenging environment – Your verbal and nonverbal responses make or break your presentation.

The benefits you will gain include:

  • Enhanced quality presentations
  • The ability to use the leverage technique
  • Higher levels of presence and poise
  • Enhanced professional image and credibility
  • Improved persuasive power and business success
  • A more relaxed, enthusiastic communication style
  • Self-awareness and visible personal growth.

Working professionals are required to communicate their knowledge across effectively regardless of your position;

  • Department or general company meetings
  • Facilitating and participating in strategic meetings
  • Presentations to sell your services and products
  • Speaking to convince and persuade the ‘audience’
  • Handling projects or tasks and calling for action
  • Monthly, quarterly, or annual business reviews
  • Training and demonstrating to uplift skills
  • Brainstorming ideas and facilitate thinking out the box.

Speakers may utilize visual aids, a PowerPoint presentation, audio and visual recordings, illustrations, graphs, and other available resources.

Learn effective techniques to use visual aids to achieve the objective of the presentation....No death by PowerPoint!


We run our workshops in a flexible, informal and participative manner.

You will learn practical techniques that will have
an immediate impact on your effectiveness.

Modules are flexible and can be customized to suit specific requirements
to ensure maximum effectiveness of this presentation skills program.

SpeechMaster 2-Day Workshop

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Enjoy an authentic confidence.

Tap into your professional power.

Make dynamic presentations that will enthral and win audiences.

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      SpeechMaster: The Art Of Dynamic Presentations

      Your investment includes: 

      • Manuals, conferencing fees, teas and lunch
      • Facilitating and coaching with respect to your individual requirements
      • Post-training follow-up call (or Skype)

      Personalised attention is given to each delegate, therefore space is limited.

      Teams qualify for a group discount, for example, your sales team.

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