Master Your Elevator Pitch Online Coaching

Enjoy an authentic confidence.

Quickly tap into your professional power.

Have a dynamic introduction that will genuinely engage your audience.

Master Your Elevator Pitch - Online Coaching

Master Your Elevator Pitch Online is personalised coaching and training with Chantaul Jordan.

Our online elevator pitch coaching sessions are customized to your requirements and as per your progress. Each session is flexible, informal and practical, and will require your full participation to maximise results and the long term benefits.

Create a relevant and compelling message to those who are making decisions about you!


Is your elevator pitch working for you?

Have a relevant and compelling message prepared if you want to differentiate yourself in an increasingly competitive world.

Whether you are online or networking personally, you are speaking to a potential client and only have a brief moment to engage, so you will want to concisely share how you can be of service.

Elevator Pitch Coaching is ideal for 'new' entrepreneurs and for successful professionals wanting to raise their business profile to new heights.

Benefits of elevator pitch coaching include:

  • Creating a clear focus for yourself and your business
  • Practising a more relaxed, enthusiastic communication style
  • Enhancing your professional image and credibility
  • Improving your visibility and presence
  • Making deeper heartfelt connections.

Is your pitch driven by motivation or inspiration?
Your ‘customer’ will subconsciously know the difference.

Do you?

Your Coach: Chantaul Jordan


I look forward to being part of your exciting new venture, for you to not only gain new skills but also to encourage your own personal mastery, as you add value to you and your business.
Chantaul Jordan


Chantaul Jordan is a professional in the field of communication training and emotional intelligence. With more than 20 years of experience, she passionately shares her expertise, providing guidance and practical strategies to assist you to achieve the results you wish for yourself or your team. Read more about Chantaul here.


We run our coaching sessions in a flexible, informal and participative manner.

You will learn practical techniques that will have an immediate impact on your effectiveness.

Training is customized to suit specific requirements to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our online coaching.

Elevator Pitch Coaching Options


Option A

Focused Feedback for Clarity

Get professional and constructive feedback on your elevator pitch. Share your pitch with me on video, and I'll assist you to identify and enhance your personal style and communication. This is a once-off coaching session ideal for getting instant feedback on your presentation.

This package includes:

  • An assessment of your submitted video
  • A one-hour virtual feedback discussion 
  • Practical tips, techniques and practices for instant results
  • An Elevator Pitch checklist and self-evaluation guide for future use.

Option B

One Month Private Coaching

Four coaching sessions, one per week, specifically aimed at polishing your elevator pitch, communication style, and delivery skills.

After this one month of coaching, we will assess your progress and determine whether you require any other support moving forward.

This package includes;

    • 4 x Power Hour private online coaching sessions
    • Customisation and preparation of specific content
    • The provision of a Master Your Elevator Pitch manual for your continued use
    • Training - practical tips, techniques and practices
    • Weekly Progress Summary to be completed
    • Personal feedback and support.

The success of your business is highly dependent on your business strategy and the relationships you form.

A relevant, compelling and dynamic elevator pitch is an essential tool for achieving meaningful levels of impact.


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